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UB LAW JOURNAL is published quarterly during the academic year by the selected students of the University of Batangas, College of Law. The Journal is basically divided into three (3) parts: Legal Articles, Legislations and Case Digests.

Legal Articles
In every issue, the Journal endeavors to center its discussion on a chosen theme, from which selected articles are featured "IN FOCUS". The Journal staff also solicits legal articles, which may or may not revolve around the issue's featured theme. Here, any topic that concerns legal matters are taken in the issue's "FEATURES". Finally, to recognize the former students of the UB College of Law who have successfully passed the Bar Exam, a portion in the Journal is exclusively reserved for them to express "A UB LAWYER'S VOX".

This contains a repository of old and new laws that are relevant to the issue's selected topic. It shall also highlight brief comments and analysis written by the Journal staff in study of the featured laws.

Case Digests
One of the primary tasks assigned to the Journal staff is to write a synopsis of selected cases of the latest Supreme Court decisions. The UB Law Journal publishes an average of sixty (60) case digests per issue.

All communications should be addressed to the UB Law Journal, University of Batangas, College of Law, Hilltop, Batangas City. Or you may e-mail us at the following addresses:


UB Law Journal
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