It is the dream of all law deans of every law school in the country to attain academic excellence. There is no greater satisfaction than to see their graduates perform well not only in the Bar Examinations but also in the practice of law later. No efforts are spared to attain this dream. In the pursuit of this objective, the students are trained for the professional life that they must face upon graduation.

One of the tasks that every new law school wants to embark into is to publish a law journal. The publication of a law journal provides an excellent training ground for its law students. All law schools will try to publish a law journal, but every few will succeed, especially among the provincial law schools. In the case of the University of Batangas, this is only the beginning, the first of the many issues of our law journal.

The publication of the University of Batangas Law Journal could not be attained without the active participation of the law students. In fact, the law students especially the members of the editorial staff deserve all the credit. All that I did as dean of the college of law was to organize the staff and assist them at the initial stage of preparing the law journal. The students did all the work. But of course, the encouragement and support of the administration through its President, Dr. Abelardo B. Perez and Chairman of the Board, Vicente A. Mayo made the publication of the law journal a reality.

As the newly elected President of the Philippine Association of Law Schools, I take pride that our school, small as it may be and with meager resources, made this attempt for recognition by the publication of a law journal.

Dean - College of Law