Under the leadership of the Journal's former Editor-In-Chief Adonis P. Sulit, together with the guidance and support of Dean Hernando B. Perez, UB Law Journal was born with the mission objective of preparing students for professional life in pursuit of academic excellence. After formally accepting the responsibility of the editorial board, I am now faced with the challenge of carrying on with the mission, dedicated and determined to fulfill it in the best way I can. As the new Editor-In-Chief, my goal is to sustain and nurture the now one-year old journal. To initiate its publication for the first time since the College of Law reopened last June 1993 is a big step that entailed hard work. But to continue the publication requires a bigger step. In my own modest way, let me provide those steps.

In line with the one year anniversary of the UB Law Journal, we wish to present to you this Journal's online edition. Pursuing a vision in building this "legacy", I believe an online edition will reach out to boundless horizons…. global in mindset. In publishing the UB Law Journal, communication is our line of duty. In the internet, communication is enhanced by information technology. Through this, let us communicate through technology!